Religious ceremonies


Discuss the format you would like with your vicar. You might want to keep with tradition and use the old vows. Or you may want more modern vows for today’s society without the heavily flowery language.

Discuss with your florist what you want – colour and style. She/he might be able to coordinate with the volunteers who decorate the church to incorporate your colour scheme and form arrangements that fit both your needs. Remember decorating the church arch is traditionally seen as a ring of fertility.

Couples now often have a rehearsal for the wedding which usually takes place prior to the actually day. This can be attended by family and is also a good time to pay any church fees that may be due rather than having to think about it on the day.

The Government is keen to promote advice to ensure couples are getting married for the right reasons. Pre-nuptial counselling is now available to the couple. Certain matters can be agreed on before the wedding day. These can include financial matters and the views about having children as well as the vows during the ceremony. On the day You are showing your commitment by declaring your union in God’s house. But remember a church wedding can be as personal as you want it to be. Talk to your vicar. Tell him you want from your day – remember it does not only have to be a solemn affair. Finally as a courtesy, invite the vicar to the reception. Their acceptance may depend on whether they have other weddings following yours.